4 cheap web hosting asked me to review their service and I accepted it.

The first thing you can see at “Top Cheap Web Hosting” page is a comparative table between a lot of cheap web hosting services. It seems very useful cause they shows all data you need to choose an hosting:

  • Platform (Linux or Windows)
  • Monthly Fee (in US Dollars)
  • A 4Values’ vote (from 0 to 100)
  • Available disk space in Mb
  • Band width
  • And number of domains

There are screenshot too and the services are ordered by a rank which is indipented from the vote. There are other useful information too, you can find it clicking on the screenshot, there you can see a detailed report about the service about management systems, ecommerce services, database supported, scripting languages supported, help services and other informations.

Another good tool is in the search page http://www.4cheapwebhosting.com/search/ where you can do an advanced search specifying price, number of domains, platform, scripting language supported, plan type (co-located, dedicated, shared), database supported, desiderate disk space, bandwidth and other.

I think this tool can became very popular cause it can solve a lot of problems for people looking for a hosting.

What do you think about this service? Please comment this page.